Ness Islands, Inverness

As with many towns and cities here in the UK, the River Ness flows right through the middle of the City of Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands in North-East Scotland.

A group of small natural islands within the main body of the river linked by footbridges together create a lovely winding woodland walk across from one side of the town to the other enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and I thought I’d share some of the views here… 🙂ness-islands-1 ness-islands-2 ness-islands-3 ness-islands-4 ness-islands-5 ness-islands-6



One of my favourite Cajun dishes is Jambalaya – a satisfying spicy mix of rice and several different meats and veg – and personally I find the rich smoky flavour of this large potful cooked by my husband’s cousin on a wood fire in the back yard pretty damned hard to beat 🙂


Stirring the pot…

jambalaya-cookingBubbling away nicely…

jambalaya-ready-to-eatFinished Jambalaya, ready to eat – and eat it we did! 🙂


Everyday London Life: Local Street Scenes

The London I live in can sometimes look like a well-heeled, prosperous city rich with colour, bright and shining, vibrant with promise. But at other times it appears to be undeniably grey and grimy, with a kind of sad shabbiness borne of generations of poverty and neglect.

I’m experimenting in trying to capture creatively that slightly darker, starker mood of some of the not-so-pretty everyday street scenes, as shown in these few images, all taken locally in Leytonstone, East London… 🙂



Old Metal…

In my dad’s back garden, there’s a wonderful array of random stuff he’s collected over the years, ‘just incase it comes in useful someday’ – well, at least I know where I get that habit from 🙂

I love the colours and textures of old metal, so here’s a selection of images taken during last month’s visit back home to Scotland…


Old copper water tank from the house…


Old chain hanging in a tree – don’t ask me why, but it’s been stuck in there for as far back as I can remember…


Old rusty oil-drum currently put to use as a garden incinerator…


Old Walls ice-cream container.



Not sure what this little goose was doing raising her leg behind her in such a beautiful arabesque, but her graceful balance in holding this balletic position was lovely to see… raise up… and hold… and down again… 🙂