500 Posts and Counting…

500-postsWordPress tells me I’ve achieved 500 posts – I guess that’s got to be a good thing. There’s inevitably been a bit of a natural ebb and flow of blog activity at times, depending on what else is going on in my life at any given moment, but I’m still here meandering along after 500 posts and that feels fine – so thanks for sticking by me, I truly appreciate it!  🙂


Five Wonderful Grandchildren!

I’ve been away in Scotland for the last couple of weeks – my new baby granddaughter is thankfully born safe and well, and both she and her mummy are doing fine.

To have had two new precious grandchildren born in the space of only twelve weeks has been an amazing experience, and I’m so appreciative of the privilege of being invited to spend such a truly magical time together with both daughters and all five of my lovely grandchildren – I love them all so much ❤


If it ain’t broke…

What happened to my WordPress Reader? Why does everything have to be constantly ‘upgraded’ to a ‘new and improved’ state these days? What the hell happened to good old ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, hmmm…?

Guess it’s just an age thing – ‘grumpy old woman’-hood strikes again… or maybe I’ll just blame my recent bump on the head… 🙂