Sunday Stills: Landscape

London-landscape-wanstead-flatsEven here in the middle of London we can do landscapes, of a sort – The Avenue, Wanstead Flats, East London – a tiny remnant of original landscaping from the old country estate of Wanstead Park, now a small area of common land only a couple of minutes walk from the end of our very built-up residential street in Leytonstone 🙂


Wanstead Flats…

Wanstead Flats is a flat, open grassland space here in East London – some areas are kept cut short and marked out for football pitches, but some grassy areas are left to grow relatively wild, a natural habitat for wildflowers and wildlife…wanstead-flats

A view across the flats, only five minutes from home – a welcome breath of fresh air for someone who lives in a small upstairs property with no outside space…dandelion-headA dandelion seed-head, ripe for blowing…thistle-and-butterflyA butterfly on a thistle, surrounded by sun-bleached grass…