Weekly Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots



Bleak Highland landscape –

Damp mist-shrouded mountain-sides,

Brooding weathered skies –

Mirrors my melancholy,

Reflects my passionate soul.

Although I currently live in England, Scotland is the land of my birth, and however much I may love experiencing different landscapes from across the globe, nothing touches my emotions in quite the same visceral way as the spectacularly beautiful landscapes of home.

This blue-toned bleak landscape was taken this morning from the main-line train travelling southwards from Inverness to London, and I found the particular mix of solitary tree, wild heavy sky, delicate morning mist and smooth-surfaced water beautifully captured my own peaceful-yet-restless inner tensions.

Written in response to DP Weekly Writing Challenge: Digging for Roots


Life half lived…

Embrace life in full –

Passion and pain equally

Hold us in their thrall.

To deny each existence

Leads to lonely life half lived…