Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

Once my husband and I went on a daytrip to Brighton between Christmas and New Year – the winter waves that day were truly spectacular… πŸ™‚

Brighton Pier in winter…

Winter waves crashing to shore…

Seagulls playing chicken with the waves… Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature


One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge is ‘Aqua’ – I’ve got lots of blues, and lots of greens, but very few true aqua colours… so my first choice is the beautiful blue-green sea along the south coast at Bexhill, and the second is an aqua-coloured oyster stall in the Marche Biologique Raspail, Montparnasse, Paris – street food, French-style… πŸ™‚

aqua-blue-sea-bexhillVLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

I have two images to share on The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on the theme of ‘Extra, Extra’.

Both images were taken while visiting my family in the North of Scotland πŸ™‚

beach-with-seagulls-on-sandbar Nairn Beach, on the East coast of Scotland – the ‘extra’ here is either the line of seagulls standing on the sandbar as the tide comes in all around them, or alternatively the beautiful hint of green in the foreground…

sunset-orange-lightThe sun setting over the Black Isle, taken about six miles further west along the coast from Nairn. The ‘extra’ here is in the form of the long fingers of orange light reaching up into the sky, the last grasp of daylight as darkness falls…

Message in a bottle…

I read today that the world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found by a German fisherman, 101 years after it was thrown into the sea by a 20-year-old baker’s son, also apparently German – how amazing! The story really resonates with me, imagining a young man’s desire to reach out to the wider world beyond his shores, saying here I am, I exist, contact me…

It’s made me wonder if blogging is perhaps our 21st century equivalent of writing a message, sealing it in a bottle, launching it into the sea and waiting to see if we get any response? πŸ™‚