Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol – Take III

roses-and-babys-breathFlowers are always good for showing someone how much we care – these white roses and baby’s breath are a beautiful ‘get well soon’ symbol of love from my husband ❤


One Word Photo Challenge: Rain

On my walk to work this morning I saw this beautiful yellowy-orange rose trying its best to look bright and cheerful despite the dark dullness of a drenching downpour, and thought it would be a perfect contender for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge: Rain 🙂



Expanding my Creative World…

Hmmm… a comment from Claudette on my Q is for Quality, and Quantity post regarding the digital manipulation of images has prompted me to consider playing about a bit more with photographic effects as a purely artistic venture – so here are two recent images I’ve first turned into an inverted negative, then greyscaled, just for fun. I love the clear, distinct shapes of both holly leaves and roses, and this way both look quite different yet still remain instantly recognisable…  negative-holly negative-rose