Ness Islands, Inverness

As with many towns and cities here in the UK, the River Ness flows right through the middle of the City of Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands in North-East Scotland.

A group of small natural islands within the main body of the river linked by footbridges together create a lovely winding woodland walk across from one side of the town to the other enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and I thought I’d share some of the views here… 🙂ness-islands-1 ness-islands-2 ness-islands-3 ness-islands-4 ness-islands-5 ness-islands-6


Weekly Writing Challenge: Build Your Own

This week’s DP weekly writing challenge provides a selection of images from which to choose a setting for a piece of writing, and a selection of first lines to begin with… I’ve chosen an image of rocks in a river (although I’ve used one of my own images to illustrate my text), along with the opening line ‘I was uncertain, but kept going…’


The River of Life…

I was uncertain, but kept going. Life for too long had been a raging torrent, deep and dark and dangerous, threatening to drown me in its roiling anger. I had been so long embroiled in tumult and turmoil I had become deaf to everything but the rushing roar in my own head, thrashing and pounding with such force that the joy of the outside world was silenced around me as I struggled in vain against its powerful grip.

But as time passed, the roaring subsided, and external sound returned; quietly at first, sweet echoes from the past, slowly growing with confidence as together they gained momentum. A far more benign life beckoned anew, beguilingly bidding me follow, and like a fast-flowing mountain river chattering and splashing against the many rocks in its path carried me with it far away from the inner darkness and back up into the sparkling light.

I was uncertain but I kept going, feeling with relief the warm breath of sun on my face once more, gladly gulping in whole lungsful of sweet fresh air. Like a trusting twig dancing along on the surface of the tumbling water I finally learned to relax, let myself go with the flow, become one with this great river that is life, so full of hope, coursing creatively through pastures new and on into the promise of a beautiful future beyond…