Life half lived…

Embrace life in full –

Passion and pain equally

Hold us in their thrall.

To deny each existence

Leads to lonely life half lived…


Endless Endeavour…

There is nowhere to go

To escape life’s hourglass flow,

I feel caught for all time

In this glass cell of mine.

It holds me forever

Tipped for endless endeavour –

But still hope burns eternal

As my life turns, infernal.

Time’s sands trickling unchecked

Through life’s dark narrow neck,

Pull me down with them, choking

Tightness squeezing and gloating.

I stop struggling for breath

Wait for freedom, for death –

And time takes its harsh toll

On my parched empty soul…

I fall, jaded and tired,

No more pain, uninspired,

Long to sleep, rest in peace,

Force this trapped life to cease.

Ash to ash, dust to dust,

But yet keep on I must –

Live it all through again,

Grain by sharp, gritty grain.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty Words Inspiration

Hmmm… this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge set the task of writing a post inspired by one of the fifty-word stories given.

Inspired by ‘On the Importance of Not Being Literal’ by ‘Standing Ovation, Seated’ who mentions mathematicians in their story. I’ve gone off at a bit of a tangent with the idea of trying to apply mathematical certainties to all of life…

Absolute Proof

My life does not add up,

My equations do not equate –

All mathematical certainties

Have subtracted themselves to date.

My formulae seem flawed,

My geometry impaired;

Somehow my life’s circumference

Never equals Pi-r-squared?

I’ve displaced my decimal point

Feel but a fraction of a whole;

Live a less than balanced existence

In an incalculable soul.

But for all my variable values

Infinity answers clear;

Finds a solution to my problem,

Whispers sweet nothing in my ear…

One day I will solve the problem of life –

But only when taking my last breath

Will I test with flawless finality

The absolute proof of death…