Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty Words Inspiration

Hmmm… this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge set the task of writing a post inspired by one of the fifty-word stories given.

Inspired by ‘On the Importance of Not Being Literal’ by ‘Standing Ovation, Seated’ who mentions mathematicians in their story. I’ve gone off at a bit of a tangent with the idea of trying to apply mathematical certainties to all of life…

Absolute Proof

My life does not add up,

My equations do not equate –

All mathematical certainties

Have subtracted themselves to date.

My formulae seem flawed,

My geometry impaired;

Somehow my life’s circumference

Never equals Pi-r-squared?

I’ve displaced my decimal point

Feel but a fraction of a whole;

Live a less than balanced existence

In an incalculable soul.

But for all my variable values

Infinity answers clear;

Finds a solution to my problem,

Whispers sweet nothing in my ear…

One day I will solve the problem of life –

But only when taking my last breath

Will I test with flawless finality

The absolute proof of death…



Weekly Writing Challenge: To the Tune of…

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge set by The Daily Post on Monday 16th June 2014, to be sung to the tune of ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)‘ by Abba…

Monday’s here

And the week’s writing challenge set up by the daily post

Has me thinkin’ that I’d like to have a go

So I read

What they ask of us bloggers as a prompt to write this post

Leaves me wondering just how to make it flow

There’s not a chance I swear

No-one to hear my prayer

Write me, write me, write me a song about somethin’

Write me some new lyrics to the song that you choose

Write me, write me, write me new words that are jumpin’

Give me some good feelin’ from the tune that you use

So I try

But I can’t think of something and my brain is feeling fried

So I think I maybe should be givin’ in

But I know

That I need to think of something and I need to know I’ve tried

So I need to somehow make it all fit in

There’s not a hope I swear

No-one to hear my prayer

Write me, write me, write me a song about somethin’

Write me some new lyrics to the song that you choose

Write me, write me, write me new words that are jumpin’

Give me some good feelin’ to the tune that you use…

Happy blogday – one week old!

Mad Meandering Me is one week old today – so far, so good. Not exactly setting the world on fire but I’m comfortably settling in to my new space, and after a couple of tweaks have pretty much got things the way I like them…

In a way I find it difficult having spent four months building up one blog, only to give up and start all over again somewhere else, but for me I just felt I needed a clean break, with the lure of a blank page and a fresh approach easily outweighing the need to play the numbers game. I might still write on quietcalliope from time to time when a particular post feels more of a ‘fit’ there than here, but I’ll see how it goes.

My blogging learning curve, thankfully, is now more of a gentle slope than a steep incline, and I’m really enjoying the challenge. It’s providing a creative outlet that works well for me, stopping me from brooding so much over the past and helping me focus more on the kind of life I want to create for the future. Like many people who have suffered from depression I’m bad at (or is it far too good at?) ruminating over things long gone, going over and over and over and over and driving myself to hell and back with it all, so for me blogging brings a welcome reprieve from such frustrating and ultimately futile behaviour.

Right now I’m trying to become more actively involved with other people’s blogs – I’m an avid, but passive, blog reader, so not necessarily a prolific liker or commenter. I keep reminding myself how much I appreciate others interacting with my blog, and try to remember to show my support in the same way, becoming both more visible and more verbal as I go along. I need to join in properly with other things too, not just flirt coyly around the edges – there are plenty of blogging challenges out there to fuel my fire, if only I take part. I like photography, and I like writing, so why not give it a try, go with the flow, and see where it takes me?

I don’t think I’ll ever be a power blogger, sadly I just don’t have the level of commitment required, but it would be nice to feel that I have enough blogs I follow and followers of my own out there to be making a real connection. So for all of you who follow Mad Meandering Me, I’m sending you a big virtual hug – except for Opinionated Man, who apparently doesn’t do hugs – just to say thank you all for your ongoing support and for providing me with the continued inspiration to keep posting… 🙂

Blogging, writing and me…

I’ve read a few posts recently on other blogs that seem to be questioning whether or not blogging counts as ‘real’ writing, and it’s definitely a question that’s been running through my head lately. Personally I’ve always loved writing – whether through crafting essays, poems, private journal entries, emails, snail-mail letters to my oldest friends, and now blog posts – I love finding the right word or phrase or sentence structure to say exactly what I want to say at any given time. Not that I always succeed, but I do always try!

Unfortunately for me I’m not an off-the-cuff blogger who can dash off a post at a moment’s notice, I always need to think carefully about what I write, take my time to get the words just right. I know this from experience, because sometimes when I’m commenting spontaneously on other blogs I write something that feels right at the time, but on reading it back later, it sounds completely different than I’d intended – I suppose I suffer a bit from a written version of ‘open mouth, insert foot’ kind of thing.

So for me, blogging is just as creative and inspiring as any other mode of writing, because I go through the same process of thinking about what I want to say, writing it the way it feels, leaving it for a while, then editing it as necessary before posting. And most importantly, blogging gives me the same sense of satisfaction as any other writing – it fulfils my long-held desire to see my words in print, on the page, on the screen. I always write something, somewhere, every day – I always have done – and for me, it’s all grist to the mill in my life-long quest to become a true wordsmith, a craftsman of all things written.

My hope is that someday, through sheer quantity – and with all that lovely practice, practice, practice – will come the quality I so crave. I used to think I’d love to write fiction; I have the imagination but I honestly don’t have the level of ongoing commitment required to keep up the pace required to succeed – I guess I just don’t want it enough. I do a bit better with writing non-fiction, as I love the research part; collating information, taking it all in and putting it together, processing it all then regurgitating it again in my own words, adding my own ideas to the mix. But again, it seems I just don’t want it enough to be in it for the long haul.

But blogging feels different. Blogging allows me to express myself in my own way, on my own terms, on whatever topic I choose, any time I like – and not only through the written word but also through using my own images from my love of photography. People might read what I write, and people might not – but it doesn’t really matter too much one way or another because my words are now out there to be read, and for me that is a worthwhile achievement in itself. For now, at least, blogging is enough.

So in a way for me the discussion separating blogging from ‘real’ writing is somewhat missing the point – writing to me is simply the act of putting one word in front of the other and forming a sentence, then putting one sentence in front of the other and forming a paragraph. For clarity, read what you have written so far, then repeat the exercise until your piece is complete. Writing can be approached cautiously or with carefree abandon, can be formal or informal, using big words or small words, can be paid or unpaid. For me, writing just is, so I guess my question is – how can blogging with words not count as writing?