Haiku Prompt Challenge: ‘Rise’ and Save’

Cake, Do Not Dessert Me…

When sponge does not rise

Smother cake with hot custard –

Saving your baking…

There’s an old phrase in use here in the UK, ‘saving your bacon’, and originally it meant saving your body from harm – so my tongue-in-cheek haiku this week is a play on those old words, referring to ingenuity saving the day after a typical baking disaster, of which I’ve (unfortunately) had many over the years… 🙂


Haiku Prompt Challenge: ‘Luck’ and ‘Hope’


Heavily pregnant

Good luck for a short labour

Hope baby’s born soon!

A topical haiku for me this week, with my fifth grandchild due to be born at some time during the next few weeks 🙂

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