Sunday Stills: From This to That

I’m in the process of making yet another colourful crochet blanket, recycling old yarn from unravelled past projects, so this seemed to give the perfect opportunity to show my work in progress for this week’s Sunday Stills: From This to That 🙂

balls-of-wool blanket-in-progress


A Cold, Crochet, and a Comforting Old Movie…

There seem to be a lot of cold-type bugs going around just now, and I seem to be catching every single one of them that comes my way. So this afternoon has found me sitting on my sofa in my pyjamas nursing yet another cold, crocheting a blanket while watching Brief Encounter… the combination reminds me of being ill as a child, of convalescing at home and filling my time with random remnants of yarn donated by my mum, a crochet hook, and whatever old black and white movie was being re-run that day…

My current colourful blanket is in the process of being made in solid blocks of colour  sourced from a mis-matched collection of random-sized balls of yarn created by unravelling and recycling two old double-sized crochet blankets, originally made by me years ago from odds and ends but no longer used. I’ve already completed one single-sized sofa blanket for my husband as well as being half way through this one, and there will possibly be enough yarn left for a third single size, with a little bit of ingenuity and creative juggling around 🙂