C is for Composition, and Confidence…

As my photographic confidence improves, I’m far more comfortable being seen in public with a camera slung around my neck. For the longest time I was just far too self-conscious, felt too conspicuous, and as a result would fumble and rush taking my pictures, rarely taking the time to think about composing my shots properly. My images would never turn out as good as I would have liked so I would feel like a fraud, and afterwards would feel even more self-conscious about (as I saw it) ‘pretending’ to be a ‘proper’ photographer when the results were so decidedly mediocre.

But as my confidence is increasing, slowly but surely, I’m feeling (relatively) more comfortable wearing my camera as an everyday accessory so take more time with my composition, and as I’m seeing a positive difference in my images I’m feeling even more confident, which feels good. I’m still not great, but I’m getting there. There are always those times of course when the only option is to grab my camera and shoot whatever-it-is as it comes or risk losing the shot, but otherwise I’m becoming a lot better at thinking first about framing, vastly reducing the need for cropping later.

In general I tend to like the main subject either to completely fill the frame…boats-on-pond

or be offset in the frame (sticking roughly to the rule of thirds)…poppy

although on occasion I think sitting something dead centre works too… 🙂 fountain-regents-park


One Word Photo Challenge: Livid

What a difficult colour prompt for this week’s challenge – livid. In my mind’s eye, the colour of sharkskin. Not having ever seen a shark in real life (and with no intention of ever getting up close and personal with one!) I’ve been trying to find something similar in colour to fit. So I’ve stuck with the watery theme, and have found a canal boat at Camden Lock with that not quite blue, not quite grey shade 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

The topic for this week’s DP Weekly Photo Challenge is Summer Lovin’ – summer in the UK for me is always a time to enjoy being outside, in nature, making the most of whatever warm and dry weather we can get 🙂brighton-pier-at-nightBrighton Pier lighting up the South coast on a warm summer’s eveningbexhill-to-hastingsWalking along the beach from Bexhill towards Hastings on the South coast

hollow-pond-boatingBoating on Hollow Pond, East London

fairground-wanstead-flatsBank Holiday travelling fairground, Wanstead Flats, East London

nairn-harbour-wallWalking along the sea defences, Nairn harbour, Scotland

rose-bush-and-wallWild roses drinking in the beautiful golden evening light, Gollanfield, Scotland



Primrose Hill to Camden Lock

We’ve had some lovely weather this week, so I’ve been out and about in London with my camera – yesterday I walked up through Regents Park to Primrose Hill, then along the towpath of Regents Canal to Camden Lock. London is pretty flat on the whole, with hills very few and far between, so the few reasonable gradients that do exist tend to be used by everyone as natural viewpoints across the city.

Although neither Regents Park nor Camden Lock were particularly quiet on such a warm and sunny summer’s afternoon, I had a really peaceful and relaxing walk, enjoying an impromptu picnic lunch on the top of Primrose Hill, and a refreshingly chilled still lemonade on the canal side at Camden, just sitting and watching the world go by… 🙂

trees-primrose-hillTrees on the way up Primrose Hill

primrose-hill-londonThe view from the top of Primrose Hill

st-marks-church-gateThe lovely old gateway of St Marks Church, Regents Park caught my eye

regents-canal-tow-pathWalking along the tow-path of Regents Canal towards Camden

camden-lock-with-boatsCamden Lock in operation – one boat going up, one going down

canal-boat-camdenCanal boat going under the bridge on Chalk Farm Road, Camden