Annual Blogger’s Bash – I’ve Voted!

I’ve just voted for some of my favourite bloggers in Sacha Black’s Annual Blogger’s Bash – I voted for a different blogger in each category, so that way managed to support several of you equally! Good luck to everyone who has been nominated πŸ™‚ x


One year with WordPress…

One-year-wordpressDuring my recent absence from blogging, it seems that my first anniversary with WordPress has come and gone… but I’m really pleased to be back, and can’t help but wonder where my second year of blogging might take me… πŸ™‚

Liebster Award – Thank you!


I’m delighted to have been nominated by FlorenceT from Rambling On for the Liebster Award. I do feel a bit of a fraud, though, as since being nominated my follower count has now risen above the 200 mark – but thank you so much Florence, I really do appreciate it, and accept in the spirit in which it was offered πŸ™‚

The rules on accepting this award are:

Link and thank the person who nominated you

1. Answer the questions asked of you

2. Pick a few bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate

3. Ask them a few questions

4. Let them know by commenting on one of their posts

The questions Florence has set for me are:

1. Which beverage is your perfect pairing to a book?

A lovely mug of tea, drunk while I’m curling up on the sofa reading – magazines, books, e-reader, blogs – I truly love reading πŸ™‚

2. Which is your favourite inspirational quote?

‘When you’re going through Hell, keep going’ – Sir Winston Churchill

3. If you are not you, who would you want to be?

I struggle enough being me, without having to think about wanting to be anyone else – so I think I would like to be a me who feels more confident, more self-assured, less self-conscious and insecure about life…

4. What is your favourite song? How did it become your favourite?

I don’t really have one all-time favourite song, but have several, depending on my mood and the reason – but the entire ‘Bat out of Hell’ album by Meatloaf, in order from start to finish, is the resounding anthem of my teenage years. I can still sing along with it all now πŸ™‚

5. Three words which best describe you?

Thoughtful, quiet, loner…

My nominees are:

Marigold Deidre Dicer of Versus Blurb

(OK, OK, so I know that’s only one, but if I don’t get on with accepting this award soon I’ll run out of time to feel OK about it, as if there’s some kind of a blog-award statute of limitations or something…)

Marigold, I do hope you’re happy to accept, and please feel free to answer the same questions set for me by Florence πŸ™‚

Versatile Blogger Award…

Hot on the heels of my One Lovely Blog nomination, I’ve also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Paul on Alfreds Almanac – thank you so much, Paul!Versatile-blogger-awardWhen I first started blogging I often saw various award badges on blogs – or alternativelyΒ  ‘award-free blog’ badges on others – and wondered what it was all about. When I realised these awards were being passed on peer-to-peer, as a fun way of being introduced to other bloggers and potentially extending our individual blogging circles, I thought it was a lovely idea πŸ™‚

Rules for accepting this award:

  • Display the award on your blog
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Present 10-15 deserving bloggers with the award
  • List your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment
  • Post seven things about yourself

So, in time-honoured blog award tradition, here are seven facts about myself:

  1. I love reading, anything and everything – fiction, non-fiction, educational, inspirational, serious or fun πŸ™‚
  2. I have somewhat eclectic musical tastes, from classical music to rock, R&B, hi-hop, indie… not so keen on pounding, rhythmic rave music though.
  3. My hobbies include photography and creative writing, and blogging has given me a wonderful creative outlet for both.
  4. Sometimes I feel quite bewildered to be fifty years old – how did I get here, where have all those years gone?
  5. I was born in Scotland, and currently live in London, but we don’t plan on staying in London forever.
  6. I’m not sure how I feel about the question of Scottish Independence – I don’t get a say in Thursday’s referendum, but it definitely does matter to me, whatever the outcome.
  7. I drink lots of tea, all day long – how very British of me πŸ™‚

My nominations for passing on The Versatile Blogger Award are:

As ever, if anyone I’ve nominated here doesn’t want to participate, that’s absolutely no problem at all, but please do consider your blogs very much appreciated, and hopefully it’s the thought that counts!

And yes, I know that’s only 5, not 10-15 – but with so many blogs already showing this award, and with so many others stating they wish their blogs to be award-free, at least it’s a start! πŸ™‚

Feeling the Blog Love…


I’m delighted to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Colleen on Silver Threading – thank you so much! I’m truly feeling the blog love, and am happy both to receive, and to pass on to others, this virtual hug ❀ … blogging is such a lovely way to network with others, some who share similar lifestyles and interests to my own, and some who are very different, but in many ways we are all one big blogging family and it’s lovely to have everyone’s support πŸ™‚

According to the award rules, I have to give seven facts about myself, so here goes:-

1. I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, just a couple of weeks after President Kennedy was assassinated.

2. I’ve known my husband for forty years, since I was ten years old and he was twelve – we’ve been good friends for all that time, have been a couple for the past fourteen years, and married for the last two!

3. I have three beautiful children, all grown up now, and three gorgeous granchildren I absolutely adore.

4. I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life, but try not to let it get me down any more than it has to 😦

5. I graduated with a first class honours degree in Psychology and Sociology at the age of forty – I’m a life-long learner, always happy to try something new πŸ™‚

6. I love cooking – and eating! My food tends to be a fusion of my native Scottish/ British recipes, my husband’s native Cajun cooking from the Louisiana swamps, and the heady mix of European/ African/ Asian cuisine that makes up London’s cumulative cooking culture.

7. I have a tattoo of a purple butterfly on my left shoulder.

So now it’s my turn to nominate others for this Lovely Blog Award :-

In Jim’s Garden

Wandering iris

Hugh’s Views and News

Alfred’s Almanac

I hope all my nominees feel happy to participate too – hope I’ve done this right, and happy blogging everyone! πŸ™‚