Everything will be alright…

When my three beautiful children were small, I could generally solve their problems for them. When they were hungry, I fed them. When they were tired, I soothed them to sleep. When they needed a hug, I held them close, told them I loved them and promised them that everything would be alright. And with that naturally-given parental reassurance they felt comforted and secure, as did I.

Now they are all adults, two with growing families of their own, it’s just not that simple. Their very grown-up problems are no longer so easy to deal with; my thirty-something offspring are all decidedly in charge of their own destiny and it is no longer my call to try to solve all of life’s ills for them. But thankfully there are still times when all they want is a reassuring hug, for me to tell them not to worry, to soothe them with that old parental promise that everything will be alright because I love them and I won’t let anything bad happen to them.

We all know deep down I can’t realistically do anything more than give unending emotional support and encourage them always to do the best they can in life with whatever hand they are dealt. But nevertheless I love feeling that old mutual reassurance that comes from knowing that however old we all get, however complicated our lives become, at heart I’ll still always be their mum… ❤


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