WordPress Reader…

Help! Does anyone know why my WordPress Reader doesn’t seem to show all new posts of everyone I follow in its feed? I naively thought that was the purpose of it, but frustratingly it seems not…

Does it work more like Facebook’s newsfeed, where it chooses only to give you what it considers to be ‘top posts’ rather than ‘most recent’ as default so you have to change it every time you want to see all the latest updates from people? To me that just creates a stupid cycle of all the ‘top posts’ always remaining at the top because that’s all people can see, and everything else staying buried in cyberspace… Grrr…!

Is there something I have to do (within the Reader rather than signing up to emails, which surely defeats the purpose of having the Reader in the first place) to make sure I do catch everything I want to catch from the people I want to follow?

I’ve just realised I’ve been missing a whole pile of stuff for goodness knows how long from a whole load of people who by now must be thinking I’ve abandoned following their blogs… 😦


11 thoughts on “WordPress Reader…

  1. I don’t know but I just got the same insight. I am so angry with wordpress and all their news only for the worse. They have made it so bad I consider moving my blog. If you got any explanaition or how to fix this I would be very pleased to know.

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  2. In suffering through problems with the Reader, one thing I noticed happening often was that it was starting on something other than “blogs I follow” as the filter setting. Sometimes, even though that appeared to be the setting, when I clicked on that option, the content changed to the blogs I follow.


  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I don’t know, but I am just using feedly full time now. Kind of a pain to have to go between sites when I want to comment/like, but this way I am fairly sure I am not missing things (finally).

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  4. I’ve noticed similar problems and I just read a post from another blog friend that hasn’t been receiving email notifications from blogs she follows through email. I do hope WordPress isn’t becoming more like Facebook. 😦

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  5. I changed all mine to daily email, that way 11am I get a couple of email threads with all the posts in and dip in and out as I have time, wish these companies would realise if it isn’t broke it doesn’t need messing with, guess there is a part of the IT department that worry if they don’t keep coming up with things they might be out of a job wish they would work on adding more free themes or fonts instead


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