Knock Yourself Out…

OK, so I didn’t technically knock myself out, but it could have been a lot worse…

I spent the best part of this morning at A&E (Accident and Emergency) getting the back of my head checked out after falling backwards out of the bath/ shower in our decidedly compact and bijou bathroom, landing in an ungainly heap on the floor in a tangle of shower curtain, and cracking open my scalp on the edge of the wash-hand basin on the way down.

To be honest I didn’t even know I’d cut myself until my shocked husband told me – but sure enough the back of my head was covered in blood and it was certainly dripping profusely all over me as I tried to sit up. It must have looked a bit like the shower scene from Psycho, but without the wig, the knife, and the scary music…

Anyway, with first aid first in my mind even with me as the casualty, I sat calmly with a folded towel pressed solidly to the wound until the bleeding abated enough to have a look at the damage, and mentally ticked off my inner head injury checklist:

Loss of consciousness – no;

Vomiting – no;

Double vision – no;

Fluid leaking from ears – no;

Talking gibberish – no – well, no more than usual, anyway.

OK, so it would seem there was no serious damage done so far…

My poor husband – never good at the sight of blood, and admittedly there was a copious amount of mine adorning both me and the bathroom floor at this point – was set on calling an ambulance straight away, but I honestly didn’t feel that was necessary, at least until I’d seen exactly what I was dealing with. It simply didn’t feel that bad – it was painful, but not unbearably so.

Sure enough the worst of the bleeding stopped with only a reasonable amount of pressure applied for a reasonable length of time, and I was left with an open 2cm gash across the back of my head that we both figured would probably need something to help close it over. We decided that ambulance, no, but A&E, yes was the way to go. So I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and off we went to hospital.

At A&E it was surprisingly (and pleasantly) quiet for a Sunday morning in East London. My attendance was registered, and after not too long a wait was seen by the triage nurse who did a basic check – blood pressure, pulse, pupils dilating ok – then took a quick look at my head-wound. She suggested it could probably be glued rather than stitched if I was happy with that, and asked me to wait in reception again until a treatment room became free.

After another relatively short wait I was taken through by another nurse and given a thorough examination, and finally the wound was properly cleaned and glued before I was sent home – only an hour and a half after first arriving – with strict instructions to rest for the rest of the day, or at least until my impressively thumping headache starts to fade…

Hopefully it won’t take too long to heal, but I’m a bit concerned that I fell over in the first place – I still don’t know exactly why it happened. I wasn’t dizzy, didn’t black out, but wasn’t aware of slipping in the bath, either. But thankfully I’m back home again now with my head in one piece, I’m going to be fine soon enough, and that’s what matters most… 🙂


13 thoughts on “Knock Yourself Out…

  1. My *like* here is one of pure empathy and relief for you that it wasn’t serious. As you said, it could have been soooooo much worse.
    I’m going to be extra cautious in the bathroom for a long while!!

    Hope your headache abates soon and the gash heals quickly.

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      • I think we get so preoccupied with thoughts of other stuff going on in our lives, we tend to zone out on what we are currently doing. That’s when bad things – like falls – happen.
        We’re inclined to blame our aging bodies, but I’m more inclined to think it’s our monkey-brain that’s to blame.

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  2. Also not meaning to imply liking the fact that you fell. I am glad that it wasn’t more serious and that you had the presence of mind (and thoughtful husband) to get it properly taken care of. “Talking gibberish” is a sign of what? … I’m in trouble.


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