Everyday London Life: What’s the Story?

I often wonder about the stories behind the people I see who appear to be living on the outer edges of the mainstream – perhaps because I too often also feel that way, perpetually on the outside of normal life, looking in…

I’m not sure what happened with this elderly man, who appeared to be standing with his belongings – including a trumpet – on the wet sand next to a weighted tarpaulin at the base of the stone steps leading down to the river Thames along the South Bank.

When I’d passed this way earlier at high tide, the steps had been covered mid-way to the top, so clearly he must have been waiting for the water to subside enough to access the foreshore.

But what wasn’t clear to me as I took this shot was if he was retreiving his saturated things from underneath having mis-judged the timing of the tide, or creating a dry space on which to leave everything safely until the next high tide?

One thing’s for sure, I’ll never know why he was there on that chilly April evening as night was falling, or what happened to him after I captured that singular moment in his life…



8 thoughts on “Everyday London Life: What’s the Story?

    • Difficult to know – there are a lot of buskers in London so he may just be an itinerant musician with a tried-and-tested spot to keep his stuff safe while he plays along the South Bank for whatever change he is thrown by the passing public…


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