Street Photography: Workmen at Lunch

This was a brave first for me – last October I was taking ordinary tourist-style pictures in a London park when I noticed these three workmen enjoying an al fresco lunch on a bench nearby.

Unusually, instead of tearing myself in two with diametrically opposed ‘will I, won’t I’ indecision letting the moment pass me by, I quietly raised my camera to my eye and took one careful shot before the man in the centre lowered his arms back down, the other two shifted position, and the whole dynamic of the image changed.

I’ve cropped the outer edges to frame it better, but otherwise the image is untouched. It’s perhaps nothing startling, but I’m pleased I not only saw something photographically interesting in the interaction between the three men, but also actually took the shot. So for me, this will always be my first ‘real’ street photograph 🙂



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