Street Photography: Stratford, East London

Since completing the Blogging from A-Z Challenge in April with the alphabetical theme of improving my photography skills I’ve not actually done that much creative photography. But after a month’s break from the intensity of learning so much (and I truly did learn a lot) in only a few short weeks, I’m now feeling the need to set myself another ongoing photographic challenge.

Street photography has always fascinated me, yet it is something I’ve consciously shied away from in the past, feeling uncomfortable in being seen to be photographing everyday life in such public spaces. But now I feel a bit more confident in myself and my photographic abilities, perhaps this is the perfect time to push myself to seriously give it a try, in the hope that practice makes perfect…

I find I often see things that catch my attention when I’m out and about in daily life, but generally just walk on by, often later regretting not seizing the moment (and of course my camera). So I’m going to make a more proactive effort not only to always have my camera (not just my cameraphone) with me, but also to actively capture the everyday world as it unfolds, however mundane, until the recording of it becomes second nature.

So while shopping in Stratford this afternoon I took my trusty little Panasonic Lumix GF3 plus 14mm (28mm equivalent) wide-angle prime with me to see what I could see from a photographer’s perspective. I took the original images in colour, but I found it created a far more pleasing result to blend in any distracting blobs of bright clothing on everyone in shot by changing the final images to monochrome πŸ™‚

bobbies-on-the-beatBobbies on the beat

stratford-shopping-centreStratford, East London

stratford-stationStratford train station


8 thoughts on “Street Photography: Stratford, East London

  1. Love your “proactive effort.” Just wondering if it’s true that if one takes a photo of a clear face that you need permission from the person involved to post it. I noticed that you don’t have any in these photos, only backs.


    • I do tend to be careful – Just habit, I suppose, years of working in the public sector (healthcare, welfare, education) have probably left me over-respectful at times of all aspects of data protection and people’s right to privacy. So unless I’m deliberately taking a picture of a particular person, in that they become the subject of the image, I prefer to maintain anonymity in my shots. But then that’s one of the things I struggle with most in street photography – where to draw the line between intruding into someone’s privacy and capturing the candid moment πŸ™‚

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