Haiku Prompt Challenge Habits

How do you like to approach Ronovan’s Haiku Prompt Challenge each week?

My first reaction when the prompt words are posted each Monday is to try not to read anyone else’s until I’ve done my own! This is so much easier said than done, as often a few completed gems showing up on my reader is my first indication that the new prompt is available, so I start by skimming over any other haiku in my reader for now and go to find the original Ronovan Writes post.

Occasionally an idea comes to mind immediately, so I can get straight to work writing it down, but generally I like to mull over the words in my mind for a while, playing about with whatever imagery seeps into my thought patterns and either keeping it as potential poetry, or discarding it. When I first started participating in this challenge, I worried that I’d never think of anything to write, and then I worried that when I did think of something, the resulting haiku would be rubbish.

But to my surprise and delight I’ve discovered I really love the challenge of writing haiku in English, the tight syllabic form and overall short structure truly fascinates me – I’m thrilled to find it possible to say so much in so few words. So I try hard to work at the correct form each week – three lines with a syllable count of 5-7-5; where the first and second, then second and third lines make a complete sentence each; and with the first and third lines revealing some kind of opposing thoughts.

It’s not always easy to get the form right, and I find that some haiku I write feel better than others, but I always enjoy taking part, whatever I produce. And once I’ve posted my haiku and linked back to Ronovan’s post, I love then going back and reading how everyone else has interpreted the prompt words, seeing how differently (or similarly) they have found inspiration to the prompts offered… 🙂

What about you, do you find other’s completed words inspire your creativity, or do you prefer to begin with a virtual blank sheet and see what appears?


10 thoughts on “Haiku Prompt Challenge Habits

  1. I need to start from a blank slate like you, but this time with the word ‘bard’, which I was not familiar with, I had to research a bit. I don’t think I’m doing my haiku correcting because I don’t follow the complete sentence/opposing thought format.


  2. Inspiration comes first and the rush is on to open a blank page to get the words down that want recording. And I am frequently inspired by the words of honest writers. Their ideas trigger my thoughts and I need and want to write something.

    I discovered your post and have been drawn into the Haiku Challenge. Thank you for your post. It shall be fun to participate in this Challenge regularly. I have a love writing Haiku. 🙂

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  3. I like to not look before too, in the hopes that whatever I do write will be original. Usually I just go with the first thing that enters my head, but sometimes I have to rewrite to get my meaning. I am not a huge ponderer when writing poetry, it jus happens mostly.

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