Family Fortunes…

May is already promising to be a busy month, one way or another.

May both starts and ends with a UK-wide Bank Holiday weekend, and for me working as I do in a pub, that means being a whole lot busier than usual for the duration. My exhausted husband is currently working all the hours under the sun before the retail store in which he works closes for good on 23rd May, making him (and all his work colleagues) redundant, so it’s a bit of a stressful time for us right now not knowing for sure what new employment opportunities may arise for him after the end of the month.

We’re holding a General Election here in the UK on Thursday 7th May, so there is the usual flurry of pre-election fever going on across the country at the moment. And there’s also a Royal baby due any day now, another heir in the line of succession to the throne – it’s already overdue, so we’ll no doubt experience a right royal furore in anticipation of the baby’s imminent arrival in the very near future.

And in the midst of it all, I’ll be travelling from London to Scotland to visit for a few precious weeks. My eldest daughter will be giving birth to her second baby at some point during my visit – our fourth beautiful grandchild, so it’s an exciting yet daunting time for her growing family. And I’ll be spending plenty of time with my youngest daughter and her two little ones too, who are also expecting a new addition to their own expanding little family, a fifth much-loved grandbaby due to be born at the end of the summer.

So it’s a time of change for all of us, and I’m looking forward to whatever the future may hold for our burgeoning family’s fortunes both politically and personally during this month and on into the future…


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