Y is for Yearning…

I still have a yearning to be the kind of creative photographer who can take my camera anywhere, see potential images in the unlikeliest of places and capture beautifully artistic shots, time after time. So although I’m teaching myself about the technical aspects of cameras, for me photography will always be more of an art than a science. I like to think that I’m learning to make the most of the science in order to create an artistic image as best as I possibly can. I’ve improved my technical knowledge and skills such a lot this month through completing this A-Z challenge; making such a concentrated effort to fulfil each topic has given me the push I needed to start taking my photography on to the next level, which feels great…

Today’s image is me out and about with my camera, casually dressed and hair all dishevelled as ever but finally feeling more comfortable being seen to be a budding photographer – so thank you all for your kind words of encouragement along the way, and for inspiring me to try new things in my quest towards expanding my (ever-wonky) photographic horizons… me-and-my-nikon


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