U is for urban Landscape…

I really love the idea of candid street photography – capturing those snapshot moments of everyday urban life completely un-staged – but I’m still really uncomfortable having real people in shot without asking them first, which of course defeats the purpose. So for now this type of photography definitely remains a work in progress for me. Taking pictures in a touristy place helps a lot, as people are used to seeing other people with cameras so it’s much easier to blend in unnoticed, but even so I don’t find it easy…

Skateboarders hanging out along London’s South Bank…


But in the meantime, I also like to photograph the built-up, ever-growing city itself, not only the well-trodden tourist paths but those busy, bustling places where everyday Londoners live and work. A walk around the Canary Wharf area of London’s Docklands – for years left derelict and now the city’s new financial district – epitomises the energising urban regeneration that is still underway today. The entire East End has changed out of all recognition over the last thirty years, so I think it’s good to keep recording that ongoing development as it happens…

Original derricks still in place on West India Dock juxtaposed with new high-rise banking businesses… docklands-derricks

Colourful new cranes still at work along the water’s edge… urban-regeneration

Underground sign and red post-box… underground-sign


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