T is for Tripod…

One good thing about me doing this A-Z challenge (and there have been many along the way) is that I’ve finally forced myself to try using a tripod. OK, so I may initially have borrowed one of the smallest tripods I’ve ever seen in order to get started – a truly mini table-top version (actually made for a compact camera) that fits reasonably comfortably (at a push) on my diminutive Panasonic GF3 – but it did the job in helping me at least attempt the relatively slow shutter speeds I was looking for.

I took these colourful motion-blur carousel pics along London’s South Bank in the early evening with the above cobbled-together ensemble balanced carefully on the surrounding metal barrier – they’re not perfect, but are not bad for a first attempt, and I’m really surprised at just how little time you need to get a decent blur on moving subjects… carousel1 carousel2

I’m also surprised to find I really like the mini-tripod idea – the short splayed legs work well for what I want, because living in a city there’s (almost) always something somewhere to balance a tripod on, but it was clear I need something with a far more substantial head to provide proper stable support for both my CSC and DSLR…

My solution has been to buy myself a Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod – it’s small yet both my cameras can sit securely on it, and its simple compact design (it looks a bit like a squid with the legs closed) and practical ball-head make it perfect for my needs, so this way I can get the best of both worlds with stable slow shutter speeds and compact portability – perfect! I took these atmospheric slow shutter-speed daytime shots at Canary Wharf, London Docklands, with my new little tripod on its first ever field trip and a variable ND filter on my Nikon D3000 – another first for me. I wanted to try to make a very busy public space seem relatively empty, with the people effectively ghosted out, and again I’m reasonably happy with the results for a first attempt… canary-wharf-clocks canary-wharf-stationI think it’s safe to say that now I have my little tripod I’m going to be doing a lot more experimenting with slow shutter speeds in the future, it was fun 🙂


10 thoughts on “T is for Tripod…

  1. Great motion blur shots. I love mini-tripods. I don’t have a very good one, but I do always have it with me and that’s proven to be the more important thing. I’ haven’t used my DSLR for a long time. I should dig that puppy back out. Maybe by the end of the challenge, you will have inspired me to that point.


  2. We also have a small gorilla tripod with legs that will wrap around a pole, tree branch etc. It’s been very handy while travelling.

    I love the photo with the big clock heads. I love clock faces, but this photo is striking because of the round faces in a sea of edges, straight lines, and corners. Cool pic!

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