S is for Seasonal Subjects – Spring

I’ve had a change of mind regarding my topic for S… I was planning to post a varied selection of images taken with my smartphone camera, but after yet another enjoyable walk in our local park with my Nikon and 35mm (50mm equivalent) prime (again!) to see if the spring bluebells were blooming in bulk (rather than just a few dotted around here and there) I realised that I really do love photographing seasonal subjects. I grew up in a farming community in rural Scotland where life revolved around accommodating for and adapting to the different seasons, and it seems that old habits die hard. Even here in London we still have clearly-defined seasons, you just have to look a bit harder to find them…

Spring is all fresh green shoots and new growth bringing a welcome burst of colour after the drab, dull greys of winter in the city; summer in London means a warm dry landscape of parched straw-coloured grass, shady full-leafed trees and deep azure skies; autumn is a blustery riot of russet and copper and gold foliage-fall regularly dampened with squally rain; and winter brings the promise of beautiful clear frosty mornings, the occasional snow flurry, bare skeletal branches and spectacular dark brooding skies to capture through my lens. And just when we’ve had enough of depressing darkness the days begin to lengthen again, the first signs of spring appear, and the cycle starts all over again…

We’re so lucky to have so many bluebells growing in the woods close to where we live, and however old I get I hope I never lose the magical feeling of walking through peaceful woodland carpeted with flowers (always sticking to the designated paths, of course). They’ve only really started blooming en masse within the last few days so aren’t quite at their absolute bluest and best yet, but I hope you enjoy seeing them nonetheless…

bluebell-woods-1 bluebell-woods-2 bluebell-woods-3 bluebell-woods-4 bluebell-woods-5 bluebell-woods-6 bluebell-woods-7 bluebell-woods-8 bluebell-woods-9 bluebell-woods-10

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