Creative Coping…

When life gets me down I create things to help me cope – I write poems, I take photographs, I cook, I crochet – and it’s only when life gets beyond difficult that I stop being creative and just sleepwalk through the days, dragging depression around with me, soaked to saturation point in utter misery, until finally I feel the heaviness start to dissipate once more.

But being creative throws me an early lifeline, helps keep me afloat in my deep ocean of emotional upheaval, gives me a bit of respite from the inevitable storms threatening from above and below. Sometimes concentrating on being creative is enough to stop me from going under until my brooding skies clear again, but at other times it all gets too much for me and I find myself drowning anyway.

It seems a cruel quirk of fate that my creativity reaches its productive peak within that tumultuous threshold between only just coping with life and not coping at all, but it is what it is, and I’m glad to have it there nonetheless…


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