New Blog Theme…

Hmmm… I’ve revamped my blog theme today to Twenty Fifteen, and although most things seem to have migrated over correctly, I’m a bit confused about my post titles – some seem to be showing in the larger font (like this one) as expected, but quite a few seem to be showing in a smaller font, and I have no idea why?

I seem to have no way to edit this – I can choose to change the font in the body of the text, but not in the title – anyone have any ideas? I’ve looked online but advice seems to require accessing a menu option (appearance / editor) that is not available for me, so I’m a bit stuck…


6 thoughts on “New Blog Theme…

    • It’s annoying, isn’t it? As long as all new posts work OK I might just leave it for now, but I like things to look consistent so I know it’ll bug me… 🙂 Hope you’re feeling a bit better now, Ruth, and good luck with all your appointments…


  1. I had this problem when I first moved my blog to WordPress. I was never sure what caused the problem, but I solved it by removing the title, updating the post, reinserting the title and updating the post.


    • Thanks Sheena, I think you’ve cracked it! I did think of checking that earlier, or rather I simply went by whether the post contained images or just text, so the title font size anomoly seemed pretty random to me… but my husband has just reminded me that I’m the one who randomly assigns standard/ image/ gallery/ aside status to each post depending on how I feel at the time, so when I check what I’ve actually assigned it as (rather than what the post contains) I can see that standard post titles have the big font, images or galleries have the small font… hmmm… not sure what to do now, not sure I like that inconsistency?


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