New Blog Theme – Take 3

Thanks to Sheena from Not a Punk Rocker for finding the answer to my post title font size problem – it seems that with the Twenty Fifteen theme standard posts have a different post title size assigned than to galleries and images, and because I’m the one who randomly assigns the status of each post on a whim – depending on, for example, how much text is included, and how many images, what kind of mood I’m in and whether or not I remembered to check in the first place – what initially looked like a random allocation of large and small font sizes is actually nothing to do with the theme playing up, it’s ME who’s the unknown variable in this equation! Oops!

So having thought about it, I’ve reinstated poor old Twenty Fifteen and will just have to learn either to live with the font size anomoly or just leave everything posted as standard… I do like the simplicity of this theme, and it feels more like ‘me’ than Misty Lake, which looks nice but feels too neat and smart for me for everyday use – it makes me feel a bit like when I have to wear a smart skirt and shoes with heels to a job interview or something and pretend to be a grown up, responsible adult for once…

Misty-Lake-ThemeSo it’s thank you and goodbye to the very short-lived Misty Lake, and hello again to Twenty Fifteen… well, for now, at least! Phew, what a day! 🙂

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