O is for Old-school Olympus…

I love the classic lines of my husband’s original 35mm Olympus OM-1 SLR. It’s still such a beautiful camera to handle all these years on, but my, the solid weight of all that metal and mechanics is astonishing! No more words today, just pictures… 🙂olympus-OM1-1 Olympus-OM1-2 Olympus-OM1-3 Olympus-OM1-4


6 thoughts on “O is for Old-school Olympus…

  1. I had a practica but my first bridge camera was an olympus at the minute I have a sony but am so glad that I don’t have to be careful with shots for fear of running out of film any more lol


  2. My wife had this camera (still does) and took some beautify photos with it. Ironically, she chose it over the Cannon of the day because it was smaller and lighter and fit her small hands well. We bought a used one for my daughter as her first camera. She went on to graduate from the Hartford Art School with a BFA in photography (and to spend quite a bit more money on cameras). Great shots of a fine camera.


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