N is for Night Photography…

Apart from the occasional sunset in Scotland I’m really not much of a night photographer – to be honest I’m not really a night-time person at all. I’ve always been more of a lark than a night-owl so I’m not always at ease being out and about after dark, never mind with a camera. I’m not the world’s biggest tripod fan, either, which doesn’t help… But for me there’s something enchanting about a city that is lit up at night, so living in London seems to offer an opportunity not to be missed any longer…

My first proper attempt at night photography (with my relatively unobtrusive Panasonic Lumix GF3 and 14mm wide angle pancake lens, together with a borrowed mini tripod) hasn’t exactly been a total success, but at least I do have a couple of reasonable images to show for it! These shots were taken from either side (east and west) of the Millennium Footbridge, crossing the Thames from north to south between St Paul’s and the Tate Modern…london-at-night2

blackfriars-bridgeUnfortunately, even though I used the self-timer for the shutter to avoid as much manual movement as possible, as a suspension bridge it bounces slightly underfoot whenever people (especially joggers, of which there were many!) pass by so even with the mini tripod securely placed along the wide railings I found it difficult to avoid camera shake entirely with the shutter open for any length of time. I wanted a long enough exposure to achieve smooth water, but short enough to avoid the chance of a blurred image… Hmmm… well, I live and learn, and I’ll know to keep clear of the bouncy bridge next time – onwards and upwards! 🙂


12 thoughts on “N is for Night Photography…

  1. Evening photos, just before nightfall, with the city skyline in the background, especially London from the South Bank as you have featured are just breathtaking, and not too hard for amateurs 🙂 I think you have to be an expert, as you are, when night has fallen! Yours are great!

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    • Thank you Dan! I really had fun taking them, even though it was so frustrating trying to get the exposures just right. Perhaps working with a tripod might not be so bad to get used to after all… 🙂


  2. I have to learn to slow down and plan a shot properly. Night photography certainly forces that discipline. I wouldn’t have thought about the impact of a bouncy bridge from walkers and runners.


  3. These are both great shots. I know what you mean about the bridge from a few attempts I’ve made on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The wind and the traffic are both big time challenges to getting ‘still’ shots.


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