M is for Monochrome…

I’ve always loved black and white photography – as a child with my little Kodak Instamatic 33 I mainly had 12 exposure cartridges loaded with black and white film (because the processing was cheaper!). I coveted every exposure, putting so much time and thought into not wasting each precious frame, and I learned very early on that with black and white photography, high contrast images always turn out best.

With today’s digital cameras it’s so much easier to just shoot everything in colour and greyscale it later, via computer software. Initially I would set the camera to record the original images in monochrome, using the live view screen to help me visualise the scene beforehand, but it was a pain to have to keep changing it every time. Inevitably some intended B&W shots will still work better in colour, so now I find it’s best for me just to keep my options open and decide later.

There are undoubtedly loads of occasions when capturing a vivid riot of colour takes your attention right into an image – as if the colour helps create the story in the shot – but nevertheless I do still love the stark contrast-y monochrome moodiness of B&W when the lighting conditions are right… cypress-fence tree-branches-bw tube-station


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