L is for Light…

It’s taken me such a long time to learn that counter-intuitively, even when it comes to light in photography, sometimes less is more. I used to think that the brightest, strongest sunlight would give me the best pictures, and would usually end up disappointed and despondent. Instead of being vibrant and full of colour as I expected my images would often be washed out, over-exposed, with really dark heavy shadows.

Confusingly, where I took pictures under a cloudy, overcast sky or in the shade – where the light was softer, more diffused – I would often get much better results. Better colour, better balance between light and dark – just an overall better exposure resulting in a far more pleasing image.

These images were taken at Vermilionville Historic Village, Lafayette, Louisiana… I love the way the diffused light coming in through the window helps illuminate the main subject in each shot 🙂 Bed Rocker Wooden chair


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