A is for Amateur…

For my first ever A-Z Challenge I’ve decided on a general theme of photography, as I’m permanently in the process of learning to be a better photographer without always resorting to my camera’s ‘Automatic’ setting. One word of warning – don’t expect my daily posts in this challenge in any way to make up a technical ‘how-to’ of photography over the next month, if anything this may be more of a running commentary on ‘how-not-to’!

I’m very much an aspiring amateur photographer, and as I do want to learn to become more creative with my images I thought it might be fun to link my plodding-along progress to this month’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge, sharing my moans and musings as well as a few photographic enhancements (or otherwise) along the way…

Today’s pic from my archives is of me taking my first foray into DSLR photography several years ago, borrowing my son’s relatively heavy Canon something-or-other plus 50mm prime lens for a couple of days and playing about with it to see how I got on. If you’re wondering, it’s me taking my own picture reflected in a glass-topped garden table stored sitting on its side in my parents’ garden 🙂  reflected-me


23 thoughts on “A is for Amateur…

    • Nope, apart from cropping it square, that’s just as it came out the camera – I was really pleased with it at the time, so thought it would be a good one to include here because that’s really where it all started for me 😉

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  1. I think you’ve set a high bar for yourself as a starting image! Nice job. I wonder how long it would have taken me to figure out what it was if you hadn’t described the table on it’s side. Maybe make us work a little harder for it next time, or offer a “Spoiler Alert” for those of us who might enjoy the mysterious techniques you employ.
    Keep up the good work!


    • Hmmm… I did think about not saying, but in the past when others have seen it, the usual assumption has been I’ve been playing about with image manipulation software, which isn’t the case at all… 🙂


      • Good point. That would be a good thing to proclaim. Makes the mystery more intriguing when the viewer knows this is something they could happen upon if they were paying attention…. No smoke and mirrors! Love it!

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