My Photography Bucket List…

Photographs I want to learn to take:

Wide open shallow depth of field shots in bright sunlight – I’ve got so many blown-out shots because of inevitable over-exposure, but I don’t always want a sharp background in focus so I struggle on in frustration… I think this requires playing about with an ND filter to reduce the available light once ISO and shutter speed are at their lowest/ fastest settings…

Long exposure daytime city shots with static buildings and moving people – I think I need to play about with ISO and a pretty dense ND filter for this, and probably use a tripod for this type of image – or at least sit the camera somewhere stable and use the timer shutter release to reduce the inevitable handshake… I love the idea of the inevitable people who are always in shot in a busy city appearing as no more than fleeting ghosts on the urban landscape, transient ribbons of energy passing by like ethereal ectoplasm…

Long exposure night time photography – static lights, trailing lights, pretty lights, ugly lights – whatever takes my fancy. Again camera stability is a major issue for me, as I really don’t have a steady hand, so it seems I may have to invest in a tripod of some sort to reduce camera shake…

I’ve taken loads of sunsets over the years – but only one sunrise, shot from our living room window one morning when I just couldn’t sleep. So I’d like to get up very early, take my camera to the park, and see what happens…

Hmmm… What I seem to want from this is to be more creative and artistic in my photography, creating and capturing a mood as much as providing an accurate visual representation of what I see in front of me… watch this space! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My Photography Bucket List…

    • Other than setting the camera to aperture priority for shallow depth of field, I’m not very confident at playing about with any other camera settings, so although I understand in theory how manual settings work together, I don’t seem to be able to translate that into practical success in the field… so my bucket list may not be very long or very complex, but it may take me some time to get there!


  1. I’ll be watching. Learning the settings, getting a tripod and putting yourself in the right place at the right time are all part of the fun (and work). Even when you don’t get the shots you thought you might, the effort is rewarding. Good luck!


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