My Five Favourite Firsts After Fifty…

Since turning fifty a year and a bit ago, I’ve deliberately experienced a few new ‘firsts’ in life, and so far my fifties are proving to be great fun – so here is a list of my five favourite firsts after fifty to date, in no particular order of preference… 🙂

  • I’ve started blogging, and even after a year am still thoroughly enjoying it, in spite of (or perhaps because of) my recent two-month break. Through blogging I’ve finally found my voice after a lifetime of shameful silence, and am learning to be more open and honest about my long-term struggle with recurring episodes of deep depression – it may not be gone forever, but thankfully it is something that no longer looms so large on my horizon…
  • I’m working locally in a pub for the first time in my life, and am finding the complete change of scene is giving me a refreshing new perspective on life. There is a stunning simplicity in being able to walk to and from such a socially-oriented, welcoming workplace – not to be reliant on the ubiquitous daily commute in rush hour to an impersonal office-based technology-loaded 9-5 desk-job, however well-paid it may be. In many ways I’ve never had such relative freedom before, wherever I have lived or worked, and it is only now, through working locally, I’m learning to appreciate the strength of the community I’ve lived in for the last decade…
  • On a more creative note, I’ve explored and have happily embraced the challenging minimalistic rigour of writing haiku in English, and over the last few months have definitely become hooked on this ancient form of Japanese poetry…
  • I’ve also enjoyed both creating and wearing fancy dress costumes to work as appropriate, both for Halloween and Christmas, and am very much looking forward to partaking in our next optional dressing-up-for-fun day, whenever that may be…
  • I’ve recently had my first ever experience of Karaoke, at a friend’s fiftieth birthday bash – she too was initially shy of singing in front of a crowd, but as a group of five girls from work we all got up together and sang along with much love and laughter to Sister Sledge – We Are Family – and it was a truly fun experience, a perfect positive memory to treasure… 🙂

10 thoughts on “My Five Favourite Firsts After Fifty…

    • That’s so true, Norm – I think as adults we can all too easily forget how to have fun, can care too much about maintaining a sense of decorum in all things – so it’s truly liberating for me to learn to let go, be silly, and laugh at myself from time to time 🙂

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