Turning Over a New Leaf…

I love the prospect of the coming New Year with its promise of a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. I love turning over a new leaf, opening wide the first pristine page of my latest annual diary and preparing for beginning my year with the transfer of all birthdays , anniversaries, and memorable dates from old diary to new.

I like to take a quiet moment to remember and reflect on any birthdays no longer to be celebrated – those of friends and family sadly no longer with us – and happily add the first birthdays of relatively new arrivals, if any, along with the expected brand new birthdays of those yet to come…

I tend not to make New Year’s Resolutions as such, as I find the concept of creating a definitive list of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ counterproductive and unhelpful in the extreme, but I do like to follow this crossing-over ritual from old diary to new every Christmas-time, around the time of the winter solstice, when the shortest day of the year has passed and seasonal darkness once more begins to give way to light.

It gives me the chance to review and mark the year’s passing with a critical yet compassionate eye, consider the highs and lows, take stock of where I’m at, and give some thought to which general direction I might want my life to go in next but without the pressure of specific goals and deadlines…

It feels to me that from the germ of a blank, virginal diary opening up before me each year, life can potentially flourish unblemished into a beautiful future as yet unwritten. That ritual crossing point between one year and the next always signifies for me a time of fresh hope, of magical metamorphosis, a threshold where anything is possible, and where dreams for a better tomorrow maybe can come true… 🙂

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