Christmas Fancy Dress…

Having surprised myself by actually dressing up for work on Halloween earlier this year – I work locally in a busy pub – I’m now thinking about dressing up once again for working over Christmas. I’d chosen to make my own Halloween costume (like we did as kids) rather than buying a generic, ready-made version, so I raided the local pound stores (and my sewing box) for bits and pieces, then created my own take on being a fallen angel dressed all in black, which was great fun, both to make and to wear…

So with Christmas fast approaching, I’m wondering what kind of fancy dress costume I could create for myself this time around? As before, I need to consider the same practicalities – nothing too restrictive, nothing too cumbersome, nothing too revealing, and nothing too awkward to be serving food and drink in! So far I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of options, both variations on a theme of my usual (very practical, very comfortable) black T-shirt and skirt work uniform.

I could maybe be a snowman, with a base of white T-shirt, black skirt, white tights and black boots. I could add a black stove-pipe hat of some invention, either as a hat or as a headband, and I’d need to add three large black felt ‘buttons’ to the front of the T-shirt and drape a scarf around my neck – et voila, instant snowman.

Or I could perhaps be Santa’s Little Helper instead, with a base of red T-shirt, black skirt, red and white striped tights and black shoes. I’d need to trim the T-shirt with white along both the neckline and hemline, and add the same large black felt ‘buttons’ as for the snowman, and top it all off with a red and white Santa hat…Hmmm…!

Either way, the prospect of dressing up for work doesn’t feel nearly so daunting this time, and I’m quietly pleased to be looking forward to joining in the fun. I’m not historically a great fan of all things Christmas – more of a boring old ‘Bah, Humbug’ than a seasonal shining star – so this is a real break from tradition for me to be embracing the Christmas spirit and going with the festive flow… 🙂

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