Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Vehicle Details

Vehicle details… hmmm… not the easiest challenge for me this week, methods of transportation in general just aren’t what usually catches my eye photographically. I took a few images of old steam trains in the National Railway Museum in York this summer, but what came to mind first and foremost was this delicate-looking old horse-drawn buggy, taken last year at Vermilionville Historic Village in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I love the rusting iron tires bound so tight on the wheels, the well-seasoned wood, the striated peeling paint, the dusty old dark leather seating and strapping, and the way the coach-sprung body still sits high, proud of the axle. To me it’s a beautiful piece of engineering, however faded and worn and delapidated, and it’s the kind of thing I’d love to be able to travel on, just once in my life.

Experience it as it would have been in the past, reins in hand, with the warm smell of horse-sweat mingling with saddle-soap and well-greased metal, hearing the dull rhythmic thud of horse-hooves and the rattle and rub of moving parts, and no doubt feeling every pot-hole and undulation in the rough-and-ready dirt road beneath 🙂



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