Weekly Writing Challenge: Irony


They say the camera never lies. Yet when you first look at this picture, what do you see? A dog, appearing to be behaving in a somewhat aggressive manner, either barking at or about to bite a man, who in turn seems to be totally unconcerned.

But if you look closely, you can see a few spherical soap bubbles floating above the dog’s back, and the bubble container in the man’s hands. Because what I was capturing was not a vicious attack, but a beautiful moment of play between dog and owner. As the man blew the bubbles, the dog snapped at them with her mouth, delighted when she caught them, tail wagging nineteen to the dozen. Whenever the bubbles stopped, the dog waited excitedly, alert for the next movement that would bring more bubbles for her to catch…

I watched the pair of them for ages, took several shots, and this image is my favourite, capturing in mid-action the memory already held in my mind’s eye. But when others have first seen the picture they have shown concern – with no back story to go on, with no first-hand experience of what is actually happening, what to me shows a happy reminder of a gentle, loving relationship between man and dog, ironically shows to others a scene of potential danger and distress.

So it seems that with images, as with words, context can be everything when it comes to understanding just exactly what is being conveyed. Catch anything out of context, and it can so easily be twisted to tell a very different tale… πŸ™‚

Weekly Writing Challenge: Irony

7 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Irony

  1. Oh, I love blowing bubbles. I recently bought a huge bubble blower, and I blow them at least once a week. it is very relaxing (even if my daughter thinks it rather childish).

    Lovely story, by the way.


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