Halloween – Part II


I actually got dressed up for Halloween this year – woo-hoo! I work in a pub, and it was surprisingly good fun to get into the spirit of things by wearing a Halloween costume to work. I’m not one of life’s natural joiners-in of things, so it was a big thing for me even to be thinking about it, but I did it, and I’m really pleased with myself 🙂

Getting my costume together in the first place was wonderfully therapeutic – I bought some cheap bits and pieces from our local pound shop and raided my sewing box, and created my own. The end result was probably quite subtle, as Halloween costumes go, but it had to be something practical enough to work in for a full shift – bending and stretching, lifting and carrying – as well as looking good.

I decided to be a Fallen Angel – angelic but dark – so had a short black net skirt, black bedraggled wire-and-fabric wings hanging down my back, and a black wired-flower headband, all of which I wore over a plain black T-shirt and a short black skirt. As we wear black for work anyway, it didn’t look startlingly obvious at first glance, but it was enough to be recognisably dressed up.

For a first attempt, I’m really pleased with how it all went; I not only wore my costume for my full shift but also walked all the way home dressed as a Fallen Angel. To my absolute delight I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Dressing up for work is definitely something I’ll happily repeat in the future – so I suppose now I’d better get started with planning my next costume, for Christmas… 🙂

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