Weekly Writing Challenge: Nighthawks

For this week’s challenge write a poem, a short story, a vignette, a scene, or flash fiction based on  ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper…nighthawks-edward-hopper

Sitting in the diner, late at night, Dolores was lost in thought. Jack sat next to her, shooting the breeze with the blond guy serving behind the counter. There was only one more customer in the joint, and he’d had his head in his coffee cup since they arrived, hardly acknowledging them beyond the obligatory tip of his hat when they first came in.

They were just passing through town, with an hour to kill on their way from nowhere to somewhere, waiting for the last train to take them on to who knows where. The coffee was good, hot and black and strong. Dolores decided she would use the rest-room to freshen upbefore they returned to the train station, but for now she was happy just to sit quiet, letting Jack fill the silence.

The skirt of her red dress was looking a little wrinkled from sitting on it for too long, but she knew she still looked good. Her mama had taught her well; looking good was proving to be her ticket through life. Womanly wiles were a necessary accessory to success; hair, make-up, clothes all working hard together in creating the feminine mystery and beauty men looked for. It was a man’s world, after all – always had been, always would be.

Jack checked the time – Drink up, kiddo, time we were gone, he said. Dolores picked up her purse, whispering in his ear – Just off to powder my nose, baby, as she sashayed away, smart and sassy and always ready for whatever this crazy, transient life of theirs was going to throw at her next…


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