Pleasure in Perfume…

I love perfume: I wear it all the time. It’s my little luxury – or one of them at least. I seem to be quite a sensory person; I like things that smell good, taste good, look good, sound good, feel good – things that please my senses. All my perfume choices seem to be variations on a theme – somewhere along the continuum of fresh to floral to fruity – depending on my mood. I don’t like anything too strong or heavy or cloying; those kind of pungent, heady scents quite literally get right up my nose.

Firm favourites over the years have variously included both Eternity and CK1 by Calvin Klein, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Femme by Hugo Boss, and on a sweeter, more youthful note Baby Doll by YSL and Dolly Girl by Anna Sui. I absolutely adore Chanel Allure, although the Eau De Toilette version is about as strong as I can get with perfume. Scent-wise it sits on the outermost edge of my usual preference but there’s something intoxicating about the way it mellows and lingers on my skin and clothing throughout the whole day and beyond that just works beautifully. I wore it daily for several years to regular compliments, but although I always have some in my collection I’m finding that as I’m getting older, it seems to have become a little too rich a scent for everyday use, so sadly I wear it far less nowadays.

My perfumes, though, whichever one I’m wearing at whatever point in my life, all have that warm olfactory familiarity about them that act as a kind of grown-up security blanket for me – their smell comforts me, soothes me, helps me feel good in myself. I have some friends who never feel dressed until they put on full make-up, some who always have to have their nails or hair done, and others who are never without matching jewellery, but for me it is always perfume that gives me that little personal lift to help see me through the day, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing… πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Pleasure in Perfume…

  1. Perfume is wonderful. I find myself always going back to old favorites. And I mean Old. Chanel #5, giorgio and jessica mcclintock. And it’s all good until you accidently get spray in you mouth….lol. πŸ™‚


  2. I love fruity, citrus scents. My daughter bought me a bottle of Lancome ‘Miracle’ a few years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! It’s pretty expensive though, so I usually wear Coty ‘Emeraude’ (though I think they changed the formula and it doesn’t smell quite as warm as it used to). When I am anxious, in need of a ‘lift’ or I just plain need a miracle, I only have to squirt on a little Miracle and my heart soars!


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