Halloween – Part I


I’m in the middle of making myself a Halloween costume for wearing to work – I work part time in a local pub – and it feels such fun! I’m not naturally one of life’s joiners, so I’m pleased to even be considering dressing up for work, especially at 50 years old. I don’t think I’ve dressed up for Halloween since I was in single figures, and it seems that the concept of what counts as a Halloween costume has certainly changed a lot since then.

When we were kids we used to create costumes out of various bits and pieces – some bought, some re-purposed, some made from scratch – but we all looked unique because we all ended up being dressed differently, each creating our own individual outfit. And in those days we were mainly, witches, ghosts, devils and vampires. But the plethora of complete costume sets available today – including pirates, zombies, and even little red riding hood – seems to me to take away some of that fun, the creative imagination required to make something of your own design, and that’s such a shame.

So I’m having fun making my own costume again – I’ve decided to be a fallen angel, dressed all in black, wearing nothing too revealing (plump middle-aged angels need to maintain some level of dignity!) but also nothing too difficult to work in, either – basic Health & Safety measures still have to be considered. My base is probably going to be a plain black tunic and leggings, over which I’m going to add a little black net skirt, a pair of black bedraggled wings, and a black headband head-dress.

A quick visit to our local Poundland furnished me with four black Halloween-patterned net tablecloths, each 1m x 0.75m, a pair of child-sized devil wings, and four small black wired roses, all for a grand total of Ā£6. From my collection at home I’ve found an old black velvet headband, a black fabric flower brooch, a fabric belt, an old pair of black fishnet tights and bits and pieces of black ribbon.

Two of the net tablecloths formed the basic skirt shape, and 2/3 of the other two made the frill for frothing out the bottom of the skirt. After stitching them all together, I attached the skirt to the fabric belt, and will pin the fabric flower brooch to the waist for decoration.

Most of the last third of the net from the tablecloths was used to decorate my wings. I stripped the devil wings down to the wired frame, then turned the framework sideways to create a drooping wing-shape. I stretched the legs of the fishnet tights over the wire frame to create the base, then layered pieces of net and ribbon over them to give a bedraggled, ragged look to the wings. I still need to finish fixing the ribbon and net onto both wings before joining them together and adding the arm straps, but I’ll get there.

For the head-dress I shaped the four wired roses into one curved line, attached them to the headband with ribbon, and used the last of the netting and a few strands of ribbon to decorate – and so far I’m really pleased with the overall result. Hopefully it’ll all look OK on the day – and the big question now is – will I spend my Halloween shift as a fallen angel, or as a chicken… watch this space! šŸ™‚


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