Haiku Prompt Challenge: ‘Shine’ and ‘Potential’

Hiding the light…

Everybody shines,

Potential dreams shimmer bright,

Glowing deep inside.

3 thoughts on “Haiku Prompt Challenge: ‘Shine’ and ‘Potential’

  1. I used to teach at an alternative school. This meant kids and adults from the ages of 14 and up even into their 60s in the same classroom. They were there because the court sent them there or else prison, they were kicked out of school, they wanted a high school diploma and not a GED, they came from another state and needed a class to graduate, or they were trying to graduate a year early and were taking extra classes.
    As far as I was concerned each one was the same as another. They all had potential. One is now the manager of a store in a well known grocery store chain, another is a teacher, another has his own roofing company. Potential is in every person, it’s finding it and exposing it to the light that is the key. Sometimes it is up to others to help find out what that potential is because so many people tell them that they are not worth anything.

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