Cees Black and White Challenge: What is beautiful to you?

Hmmm… so what is beautiful to me? My children, my grandchildren, trees, flowers, landscapes, seascapes, architecture… but what else? What about beautiful memories?

At heart I’m definitely an outdoors-y, no-nonsense, practical sort of girl, but something I’ve always wanted to do is have a posh afternoon tea in a posh hotel wearing a posh frock – so a couple of years ago my husband and I dressed accordingly and went for afternoon tea at Claridges in London’s West End.

We had an amazing experience in beautiful surroundings, creating a wonderful memory to keep forever, and took a few photographs to remind us of our day ❀

The stunning entrance foyer at Claridges with its original Art Deco design… claridges-foyer


Even the ladies powder room was beautifully lit with original Rene Lalique glass lamps…claridges-powder-room

Cee’s Black and White Challenge



6 thoughts on “Cees Black and White Challenge: What is beautiful to you?

  1. Great photos Ruth. I was treated to dinner once at Claridges and had a wonderful time. Luckily I was not paying, but the food and the atmosphere was superb, especially as it was mid December and the hotel was looking very festive. You’ve captured the hotel very well in your pictures.


    • We’re more usually M&S-sandwiches-in-the-park people when we’re up West, so this was a real how-the-other-half-lives experience for us – but we absolutely loved every minute of it! πŸ™‚


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