Haiku Prompt Challenge: ‘Study’ and ‘Creature’

Young at Heart…

Old eyes study deep,

Reflection stares back, bemused,

What strange creature here?



11 thoughts on “Haiku Prompt Challenge: ‘Study’ and ‘Creature’

      • Hi Ruth, I finally got around to using this haiku in my next story. It’s been on mind for ages (I just love this haiku) and I have, of course, given you full credit. The story is in two parts and your haiku is the opening line in part 1. I’ll be publishing the first part of the story tomorrow, with the second part on Wednesday. Oh, and it’s my first story that comes with a warning due to its adult content. I hope that is OK with you and that you will enjoy the story.
        Thanks so much for allowing me to use it and for the inspiration it give me to write the story (Titled Ticket to Where?)
        Best wishes,

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