Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

This is not my adventure, it is an adventure from the past, from the other side of the world. One hundred years on from the start of the First World War, these photographs represent my husband’s paternal grandfather’s great adventure, when in 1918 he was called up to join the American Army, not knowing what lay ahead for the future.

Thankfully the end of his basic training coincided with the end of the War, so he never saw active service overseas, never saw the rest of the world beyond the boundaries of boot camp. He returned home safe and well, married and had a family, and lived to a ripe old age. But for a quiet Cajun farmer from Louisiana’s deep south who spoke French first and foremost for his whole life, and for whom English was always a second language, this was a great adventure nonetheless, and one his whole family remain forever proud of…

WW1-medal-frontThe front of the medal reads ‘Trust in the Lord and Keep your Powder Dry’

WW1-medal-back    The back reads ‘Service with American Army in the Worlds War 1918’

See Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure for other adventures 🙂


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