Weekly Writing Challenge: My Dear Watson

This week’s DP Writing Challenge is on the subject of sidekicks…

My journal is my favourite sidekick. It has been there for me in various guises over the years through thick and thin, feint and margin, wire bound and loose leaf, ball pen and roller ball. My journal always has my back, keeps its own counsel, and holds safe my innermost secrets. It remains a compassionate listener, helping me through the darkest times with its quiet wisdom and cool head.

My journal knows me better than I know myelf, shows both the best the worst of me, often on the same page. It reads between the lines, highlights my historical habits, punctuates my perennial problems, and silently leads me sentence after staccato sentence towards finding the answers to questions I’d not even realised I’d asked. My journal is my whipping boy, my scapegoat, my nemesis, my saviour.

My journal is my shadow, following my every move – we are bound together, a strange symbiosis of thinking and inking, master and page, for life.

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