Scottish Independence: Nationality hanging in the balance…

There is exactly one month to go before Scotland votes on whether or not to become independent from the rest of the UK, and people keep asking me, as a Scot living in London – how I will vote? I’m getting tired of explaining to everyone – I don’t live in Scotland, I’m not on their electoral role, so quite simply I don’t get to vote.

Scotland, the land of my birth, the keeper of my historical heritage, will carry on regardless and decide without me, and I have to admit I’m very uncomfortable about that fact. I do understand that in choosing not to live in Scotland but instead live elsewhere in the UK, I have effectively forfeited my birthright to have a say in the upcoming election, but nevertheless the outcome may still potentially affect my future, wherever I might choose to live…

I feel very uncertain about what happens with my nationality if Scotland becomes independent. I am, and always will be, Scottish by birth. I like being Scottish, but I also like being a UK citizen, and I don’t actually mind being European, either. My children and grandchildren all still live in Scotland, and I go ‘home’ to visit as regularly as I can – so the question of independence still matters very much to me.

I have some Scottish friends who are keen nationalists and will definitely be voting ‘yes’, and other Scottish friends who love being Scottish but also love being British, and so will definitely be voting ‘no’. I have English friends who live in Scotland and will be voting ‘yes’, and other English friends who say that if they lived in Scotland they too would definitely vote ‘yes’.

Right now it’s not clear to me which way the vote will go – as usual, those who have already decided will not now change their minds, and as for those floating voters, the undecided, well, we shall have to wait and see. And as for me, the fate of my future nationality hangs in the balance along with them, uncertain, undecided, and unsure…

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