Share Your World – Week 30

List 2 things you have to be happy about

My children and grandchildren πŸ™‚

List 2 things in nature you find most beautiful

I always find myself drawn towards water in any landscape – sea, lake, river, bayou – and I absolutely love trees, the older and more full of character the better.

Show us 2 of your favourite photographs – explain why they are your favourite

Precious family photographs will always bee my overall favourites, for sentimental reasons – but thinking about the previous question I thought I’d share one of my favourite tree pictures from here in the UK, looking along the Avenue, Wanstead Flats, East London, close to where we live… The avenue is a remnant of the grand-scale landscaping done in the long-distant past when the whole area was part of the large country estate of Wanstead Park. Ironically although the house is long since gone (sold off brick by brick to pay gambling debts, I believe) there are still areas of ‘natural’ beauty left over from then to be enjoyed by Londoners today…Tree-lined-trackAnd one of my favourite tree/water combinations in the world, Grande Coupe, Pierre Part, Louisiana, where my husband’s family live… although the cypress trees grow naturally in the water here, there are clear ‘cuts’ of man-made waterways across the entire area, once used as the main logging thoroughfares in the tree-felling process that historically created much-needed local employment… so I suppose I like these photographs because they not only show the beauty of the place today, but also give a sense of history, of continuity of use, of pride and purpose and heritage… Grand-Coupe

List 2 of your best personality traits

I am quite curious – as a life-long learner I’m always looking to add to my knowledge of life – and I’m quite caring, which can be a good and bad trait in equal measure, as I can tend towards being a people-pleaser at times…

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